The Veterans Section of the Middlesex Squash League was formed in 1984 thirteen years after the founding of the main leagues in 1971.  The first Vintage Division was set up in 1990.  A Ladies Veterans Division was formed in 1985 but is no longer operating although a number of ladies do regularly play for teams in this section.  

Currently there are three Veteran Divisions and two Vintage Divisions.   The teams are drawn mainly from the area covered by Middlesex but there are also a number of sides from the adjoining home counties of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  In season 2009/10 there were 46 teams making it the largest veterans and vintage league operating in Great Britain.  

The current Veterans and Vintage Section Secretary is Robin Mace from whom further information is available.   Robin took over in 2010 from Jack Harris who stood down after running the Section for 25 years and making it the most successful veterans league in the country.  The Section has had just one other Secretary, Ian Kotzen who ran the very first year.

Any enquiries about joining the Veterans and Vintage League or perhaps sponsoring this League should be made to Robin Mace by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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